Tackling the Global Water Crisis: Water for Peace 2018


World Water Day, on March 22nd, brought to the forefront the extent of the global water crisis. Nearly a billion people live without access to safe drinking water, and one-third of the world’s population now lives in water-stressed areas. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. In 2015, the World Economic Forum cited global water crises as the biggest threat facing the planet over the next decade.


The world is well aware of water challenges, but collective actions to address the global water crisis are lagging behind. The Rainmaker Enterprise invites you to join us at the Spoke Club on June 2, 2018, for Water for Peace. This exclusive event brings together exceptional former refugees, world renowned humanitarians, environmental champions, peace activists, industry leaders in Canada and those who share the urge to address the water crisis.

MC'd by award-winning host of the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet, Ziya Tong, the evening features an intimate headlining performance by Emmanuel Jal, South Sudanese-Canadian recording artist, actor, peace activist, and former child soldier. Hear the moving words of James Thuch Madhier, former South Sudanese refugee, founder and executive director of the Rainmaker Enterprise; Michel Chikwanine, Congolese-Canadian, former child soldier and activist; and other high-level distinguished guest speakers.


All proceeds are in support of the Rainmaker Enterprise’s scalable and sustainable water projects that address extreme drought and water scarcity, starting with South Sudan, a country most underprepared to tackle the water crisis and climate change. South Sudan suffers from economic water scarcity, which exists when a population does not have the necessary means to utilize an adequate source of water. Economic water scarcity is about an unequal distribution of resources. The Rainmaker Enterprise creates sustainable access to and management of water that is used for farming and livestock rearing for society's most vulnerable members. Women and youth, who are hardest hit by hunger and climate change, are the focus of our programs.

As it stands, agriculture is both a major cause and casualty of water scarcity. 70% of freshwater worldwide is used in agriculture. Rainmaker addresses this challenge through our solar-powered and sensor-driven drip irrigation model, which has the potential to save huge amounts of water, mitigate environmental degradation, develop green infrastructure, and enable sustainable growth.

Every minute, over 20 people are forced to flee their homes in search of water, food, and safety. Water scarcity is responsible for the displacement of millions of people through water conflicts and environmental conditions including drought. For the millions presently forced to flee from hunger and resource-driven conflicts, Rainmaker Enterprise seeks to make migration a choice and not a last resort. Sustainable water management is key to reducing tensions over scarce resources and unlocking the vast potential of agriculture South Sudan. In achieving such peace and prosperity, solar-powered irrigation is among the brightest climate-smart solutions for South Sudan and beyond.


The decade 2018-2028 has been declared by the UN as the International Decade for Action on “Water for Sustainable Development”. Now it is time for us to step up. Your support is more than a drop in the bucket, it is the creation of a powerful community that is committed to tackling the water challenges of the 21st century. Join us by purchasing your tickets: www.waterforpeace.ca