We are humbled to work with outstanding individuals and organizations who share our vision of investing in a healthy, peaceful and regenerative planet.


the humanitarian grand challenge

Rainmaker is supported by the Humanitarian Grand Challenge, a partnership of USAID, DFID UK, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Together, the partnership seeks life-saving or life-improving innovations to help the most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach people impacted by humanitarian crises caused by conflict. In September 2018, we were awarded seed funding as an innovative solution that engages the private sector and draws from the experiences of affected communities in order to significantly improve - and in many cases, save - the lives of vulnerable people affected by conflict. Through the provision of solar-powered water to conflict-affected populations, we are working with the Humanitarian Grand Challenge to allow communities to respond more nimbly to complex emergencies and take steps to create better lives for themselves.


The resolution project

The vision of the Resolution Project is to create a generation of leaders with a lifelong commitment to social responsibility. Resolution has a proven model for identifying and inspiring young leaders through our Social Venture Challenges (“SVCs”) and Resolution Fellowships. The Rainmaker Enterprise was awarded a life-long Resolution Fellowship for the most compelling personal leadership characteristics and promising social venture proposals. As recipients of the Resolution Fellowship, we receive seed funding, ongoing mentorship, robust support, and access to Resolution’s network —a true ecosystem for social entrepreneurship.


the canada africa partnership (CAP) network

The CAP Network is a registered Canadian charity that facilitates partnerships between Canadian and African communities to advance community development efforts. By working together the Network increases collective impact, enabling support for African community-led development efforts and building solidarity for a more equitable, healthy and sustainable future. We are thrilled that the CAP Network is engaging Rainmaker South Sudan to support the installation of the first solar-powered irrigation system in Tonj region.


Gruppo CAP/CAP Group

The CAP Group manages the integrated water service in the Milan Metropolitan area, Monza and Brianza, Pavia, Varese, and Como. With over a decade of experience, CAP combines the public nature of the water resource and its management with an efficient management organization, capable of investing and increasing the knowledge of the infrastructure using IT instruments. CAP Group operates in accordance with the principles of transparency, accountability and participation. Rainmaker is participating in CAP Group’s incubator program, where we are working closely with water sector professionals to conduct a baseline study on the groundwater system in South Sudan. The overall goal of the work is to provide Rainmaker’s stakeholders with scientific understanding on the location, potential and sustainability of groundwater resources in South Sudan in order to facilitate data-driven decision-making in Rainmaker’s programming.