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“Sustainability is a key challenge around the application of technology - how do you use such technologies in the most appropriate way? The Rainmaker Enterprise is committed to the how.” - Dr. James Orbinski

“The Rainmaker model is an example of looking into the future and shaping it.” – Lieutenant General the Honourable Roméo Dallaire

The Rainmaker Enterprise builds resilience in hard-to-reach places through solar-powered water infrastructure for human consumption and sustainable agriculture. 

Six million people in South Sudan are severely food insecure.

Life saving relief has reached millions this year in South Sudan, but the number of people who are severely food insecure more than doubles the number at the same time last year, and the situation is projected to deteriorate.

Food insecurity doesn’t just mean food shortages. It means protracted conflict over scarce resources, families fleeing their homes, skyrocketing prices, and economic stagnation in a region with vast potential. The lack of a reliable water supply is at the core of this problem.

The need to invest in sustainable agriculture has never been greater.

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The Rainmaker Enterprise combats food insecurity in South Sudan by providing reliable, sustainable, and scalable water infrastructure. We’re committed to empowering people to achieve zero hunger and zero poverty in the long-term, and to flourish with the security this provides. Investing in agriculture in South Sudan is key to achieving food security, poverty alleviation, and socioeconomic development.

A Story of Resilience


Born into war-torn southern Sudan in 1990, James Thuch Madhier has endured unbelievable struggles: famine, war, forced displacement and poverty. In 2005, James fled southern Sudan, overcoming immense challenges to pursue his education. Resilience has defined James’ story, and resilience is what he sees in the people of South Sudan. James sees talent as universal, and access to opportunity as the differentiating factor for mankind. James has committed his life to building lasting solutions to poverty and food insecurity, tapping into the power of clean energy. In a world where nearly 20 people are forced to flee their homes every minute, addressing systemic causes is crucial. Stand with James in his mission to make migration a choice, not a last resort.

Our Vision

A food secure and climate adaptive world.

Our Mission

To empower communities in South Sudan to achieve lasting food security, with dignity. 

Our Values


Seek Empowering Solutions

Food aid meets only immediate needs, and only the needs of some. It is not a sustainable solution. Our solution brings the infrastructure and opportunity for populations to grow in their communities - immediately and in the long-term. The agency to provide for oneself is a basic human right. With the power of clean technologies, we provide this agency.

Build for the Future

Rainmaker’s technologies, sourced within the region, are relatively low-cost, efficient, environmentally sustainable and built to last, with high impact for the populations we serve.

THink Local

We have an intimate knowledge of the region we work in - in fact, it’s our founder’s home. Our community-driven approach uniquely understands the social, cultural, and economic character of South Sudan. Complex challenges require multifaceted solutions, making community involvement central.  

Leave No-one Behind

Marginalized populations - women, children, the elderly, the sick and disabled - are especially hard hit by food insecurity and lack of access to water. In boosting local food production and bringing clean water closer to communities, we are focused on the needs of the most vulnerable.

foster self-sufficiency

Our model is set to break even within a period of three years, providing a dependable source of income to our farmers and employees, with huge opportunities to grow.

Our Team

The Rainmaker Enterprise brings together a group of experienced global leaders, technical minds and young visionaries, all united by a single vision. Our team draws from experience in policy, engineering, development economics, and non-profit management, and of course, an intimate knowledge of the region we serve.

   JAMES THUCH MADHIER     Founder and Executive Director


Founder and Executive Director

   EVRARD ORSOT     Director, Strategy and Business Development


Director, Strategy and Business Development

   KATIE FETTES     Director, Communications


Director, Communications

   ANNA JIANG     Engineer-in-Training



   TINA MBACHU     Director, Programs


Director, Programs

   QUINN HARRINGTON     Director, Ethics and Compliance


Director, Ethics and Compliance

   FARZAD TABAEE     Director, Strategic Initiatives


Director, Strategic Initiatives

   MICHAEL PARK     Co-Director, Technology


Co-Director, Technology

   JANGWON PARK     Co-Director, Technology


Co-Director, Technology

   ABIGAIL MURTA     Media Relations Officer


Media Relations Officer



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