Inspiring Students to Lead Impact Driven Careers


Last Monday, our Director of Strategy and Business Development, Mr. Evrard Orsot, was the 'living library' on careers in social innovation and social entrepreneurship at an event by The Agency, an organization building a community of practice for social innovators and social entrepreneurs among undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Mr. Orsot felt inspired by the interest from many students to learn about his career journey and Rainmaker's model of achieving social change in underserved regions in the world. With a career spanning three continents - Africa, Europe and North America - as well as being a Certified Project Management Professional with MBA training on Strategic Management and Finance from UofT's Rotman School of Management, Mr. Orsot was indeed a living library to many students interested in applying their professional training to achieve social change. Drawing from his professional experiences working with international companies in France, Côte d'Ivoire and in Canada, Mr. Orsot shared his motivation for devoting his professional skills to the Rainmaker Enterprise, a social impact company working towards climate action, and achieving zero hunger and zero poverty. He urged students to remain curious and open-minded, ready to seize new opportunities to learn and readapt to the new demands of our times.

At Rainmaker Enterprise, we envision a world where we are all useful; whether rich or poor, we must all have the opportunity to live a life of impact, a life where your ultimate experience is not just survival, a constant state of comfort, or just getting by at your job. We are bridging this dichotomous world in many ways, one of which is by inspiring others to take on careers that enable them to be useful, and help other people caught in poverty trap to get themselves out of it and be useful to themselves and their own communities. At Rainmaker Enterprise, we acknowledge that the full human potential should not be limited by lack of water. 

Water is a source of tension in many remote communities in the world, including in South Sudan, where hundreds of people die each year due to conflicts over limited water points. These issues require talent and the innovation of those who care not only about the bottom line but also about the whole well-being of society. Big corporations that see young talents only as tools they can use to feed their bottom lines are struggling. This year's top companies on LinkedIn are those that cater to the purpose of their young talents. 

We are happy to work with Cindy Ross-Pedersen, Executive Director of The Agency, to inspire other young people who are interested in careers for social change. To learn more or support the work of the Rainmaker Enterprise, visit our website. You can also learn more about The Agency here.