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YEA Refresh

Youth of East Africa (YEA) is a group of East African-Canadian youth who aim to mobilize, mentor and motivate East African youth in Canada, uniting and empowering the community through sports, culture and career events and programs. On Saturday, September 22, 2018, YEA hosted a soirée in support of the Rainmaker Enterprise. At El Arepazo in Kensington Market, we danced the night away to Afrobeats, Bongo Flava and more while enjoying drinks and treats and hearing our founder James Madhier speak. Total amount raised TBA. Details.


Fernando’s Journey

From June-August 2017, Fernando Casanova bicycled from Vancouver to Toronto, Canada, while raising funds and spreading Rainmaker's message. This project “has potential for a greater good, a cause which is sustainable, long term, and community-based. I would like to do my part in fulfilling the Rainmaker Enterprise’s vision, and I plead you to do the same,” writes Fernando on his crowdfunding page. “I grew up in Emiliano Zapata, a small town in rural Mexico, where my mom raised my brother and I. Most recently, home has become a reminder of how improbable it is for anyone with origins similar to mine to see the things I have seen, or live the quality of life I am lucky to lead. It is something I consider everyday and reminds me that I ought to make the most of everything I do. I see a lot of similarities in what drives Thuch (James). This resemblance in our character makes me admire his work and moves me to support him.” We hope Fernando’s story inspires you to plan your own event in support of Rainmaker.


Pledge Your Birthday

Make your birthday count. This year, ask your family and friends to donate to the Rainmaker Enterprise instead of giving gifts. By pledging your birthday to Rainmaker, you can make your special day an occasion for all to celebrate.

Get in touch with us to set up your custom birthday fundraising page to share easily with family and friends.