Celebrating Environmental Stewards this Earth Day: Michael Christidis


Today is Earth Day. This annual celebration serves as a reminder that tackling the environmental challenges we face today calls for each of us to become environmental stewards. This commitment is made in diverse ways, reflecting the unique nature within each us. Art is a powerful way to lead the discussion on climate change and environmental protection. Michael Christidis is a phenomenal Canadian contemporary artist inspired by the beauty and forces of nature. 

Michael captures the beauty and power of the natural world through a profound connection with, and appreciation of, the forces of raw nature. “I have always been fascinated by water,” the artist says. "The nature of water poses a challenge for an artist to render these dynamic qualities that cannot be easily perceived in a static, two-dimensional form while retaining a sense of movement." Michael shows us that becoming an environmental steward begins with developing this connection and respect for the natural world. 

For those caught in conflicts and insecurity worldwide, and for those hardest hit by the harsh effects of climate change, immense daily barriers render environmental stewardship nearly impossible. This fuels harmful cycles both for people and their surrounding environments. 

When we neglect our ecosystems, we make it harder to provide everyone with the environment necessary to thrive and, in turn, protect it. Rebalancing ecosystems and natural cycles begins with reconnecting with the Earth and listening to the power of nature. Today we are extending the call to each of you to become environmental stewards. If you are safe and healthy, do not hesitate to get outside and get inspired by the forces of nature. 


Michael Christidis sets a strong example, and we are so honoured to have him supporting Water for Peace through his art. Join us on June 2nd at the Spoke Club for a chance to take home this gorgeous work - Deep Waters II. 

Find your event tickets at www.waterforpeace.ca

Wishing a beautiful and peaceful Earth Day to all. 🌱🌱🌱