A Truly International IDW2018


February 4-10, 2018 is International Development Week (IDW). As a uniquely Canadian tradition, IDW celebrates Canadian contributions to poverty reduction and international humanitarian assistance in the developing world. This year’s theme, ‘Partners for a Better World’, encourages all Canadians to be partners in building a better, more inclusive, peaceful and prosperous world. The efforts of Canadians, whether collectively or as individuals, play an important role in achieving sustainable development at home and around the globe.


The Rainmaker Enterprise is based in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Among the G8 countries, Canada has the highest foreign-born population - over half of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada. In working towards a more inclusive and prosperous world, Canada’s greatest advantage is its diversity. This week, we must engage with and follow the lead of our diasporic Canadians. Rich partnerships are yet to be formed.

Pictured above: former refugees and South Sudanese-Canadians James Thuch Madhier (Rainmaker Enterprise founder) and Emmanuel Jal (international award-winning recording artist) met with South Sudanese refugee Olympians Anjelina Nadai Lohalith and James Nyang Chiengjiek at the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada, to discuss ways to end war and poverty in South Sudan. This discussion contributed to the founding of the Rainmaker Enterprise. 


We celebrate these South Sudanese heroes, defying all odds to achieve change at home and across the globe. Rainmaker, driven by South Sudanese Canadians, is engaging people across the country to bring Canadian leadership to bear on poverty alleviation in South Sudan and beyond. 

We would like to thank to thank the countless Canadians from all corners of the globe who have believed in and collaborated with the Rainmaker Enterprise. Best wishes for a fruitful #IDW2018 #ProudlyCanadian

Events in the Toronto area: http://www.ocic.on.ca/what-we-do/influence-by-informing/idw2018/?platform=hootsuite

Events across Canada: http://www.international.gc.ca/…/calendar_events-calendrier…

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