Rainmaker Quench Bottle

Rainmaker Quench Bottle


The Rainmaker Quench Bottle is our commitment to preserving our precious Earth while nourishing the life it supports. Like you, our potency-preserving bottles are durable and beautiful. Ancient Egyptian alchemist wisdom meets modern-day Dutch science with black violet glass, reflecting our belief in bringing together innovation and tradition.

This belief was borne of our founder’s global journey. At 15, James Madhier left home in search of safety and education. He left South Sudan, a country ravaged by war, where 50 percent of the population lacks access to clean water, and where climate change threatens the livelihoods of millions. James has seen both degradation and scarcity, and overconsumption and waste. Rainmaker is our commitment to building a sustainable future that works for all.

We are all responsible for conserving water, taking climate action, and supporting the most vulnerable to build sustainable solutions. The Quench embodies these goals in one beautiful bottle. All proceeds go towards our solar-powered water projects, supporting the most vulnerable by combining clean technology and traditional knowledge.

Your Quench Bottle is your pledge of support to a global movement that is striving to build a regenerative future. You carry our collective dream of a world where every human being lives a dignified life. It all begins with water, and together we are building dignity drop by drop.

For every 500 bottles sold, we can drill one well.

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